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Contact Mike for Bunkhouse availability & info – All VRBO & Airbnb rentals – 320-221-3773 MikeTam.thompson@gmail.com

Contact Jim for Winter Lodge rentals & availability – 715-529-0898 jimsmt@lakeland.ws

Welcome to WestView

39 Crooked Creek Road   Dubois, Wyoming  82513

Guest Rates & Reservations  

WestView Mountain Log Home

(Sleeps up to ten – sauna – full kitchen – DSS – heated floors)

$330 per night- winter for up to seven guests

$300 per night – summer  for up to seven guests

Add $38 per night for over seven guests

Wyoming Lodging Tax is 12%

$175 cleaning fee


Minimum Stay: Five nights


Cleaning costs have gone up with the Covid19 issue.  We feel it’s important to spend a little more time cleaning & disinfecting to insure the safety of all the guests.

WestView Log Cabin – (Bunkhouse sleeps up to four) – $125 per night

Minimum Stay:  Three nights 


$65 cleaning fee


Add 12Wyoming Lodging Tax to the total


DISCOUNTS……….. 2nd Visit – 5%  …… 3 or more visits 10%

Reservation Policy:

Ø      A deposit check is required for all reservations.

               Lodge:  $600                       Bunkhouse:  $300

Ø      Payment in full is required at least 10 days prior to arrival.

Ø      Reservations will be held 10 days to allow time for the check to clear.

Ø      Reservation confirmation will be send upon receipt of deposit.

Ø      Cancellation policy:  Deposits are for the purpose of guaranteeing your ENTIRE pre-booking reservation.

Ø      Deposits and payment will be forfeited if any portion of your confirmed reservation is not used, or if your reservation is cancelled within 30 days of your arrival.

Ø      Reservations cancelled before the 60-day deadline will be refunded less 20% service charge.

Ø      Credit cards not accepted.  Checks only please.

Ø      No pets and smoking is permitted outside only.

Ø     Thank you for your consideration.



WestView guests……………. August 1, 2020

WestView has not increased rental rates for many, many years even though our
operating expenses continue to go up. (Taxes, Insurance, Direct TV, Electric, LP,
Phone, Laundry & other expenses). We’ve added Wi-Fi Internet in recent years.
Cleaning costs have gone up significantly for everyone on the mountain in the last few
years especially now with Covid19. Our cleaner, Melissa, is taking a lot more time to
clean, wipe down & disinfect WestView to insure WestView is clean & safe. She does
great work.
We don’t make any money on cleaning & never have. We are now paying $175 per
lodge cleaning whether a guest is there one night or a week. This rate would be higher,
except our guests have a history of leaving the cabins in good condition. In addition to
this expense, Westview will continue to pay for the laundry. We use a commercial
laundry service to ensure cleanliness.
Because of this, The new 2020 rate is $175 to clean the lodge & $60 to clean the
bunkhouse. These rates are similar to other properties of similar size on the mountain.
We are NOT raising the rental rate, just the cleaning rate dollar for dollar.
Please contact Mike or me if you have any questions.
Thanks for understanding & we appreciate your business & friendship.




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